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With a complete range of services and strategic partnerships we have you covered. You won’t have to look any further for all things pertaining to the successful design, setup, and administration of your retirement plan.


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Our complete range of services provides you, our client, with everything you need from setting up a plan that is most effective at achieving your goals, to ongoing administration, compliance, and consulting to make sure your plan stays on track.

Plan Design & Setup

Our first role in working with your plan is to ensure the plan is designed to meet the company’s objectives and is in compliance with IRS and DOL requirements.

  • Plan Design

    • Fact-finding meeting to learn the company’s goals and objectives
    • Projection of employee and employer contributions
    • Preparation of plan documents and SPD
  • Plan Set Up

    • Assist with vendor selection
    • Coordinate plan conversion
    • Support vendor during set up process

Plan Administration and Compliance Services

Each year we will assist you to make sure your plan remains in good standing with the IRS and DOL while assessing if the plan is continuing to meet your goals and objectives.

  • Administration Services

    • Provide specific Action Items required to keep the plan compliant
    • Determine optimal employer contributions
    • Review plan activity to ensure consistency with the plan requirements
    • Preparation of all required government filings including actuarial reports
  • Compliance Testing Services

    • Complete Compliance Package
      • Average Deferral Percentage and Average Contribution Tests
      • Deferral and Deduction Limits
      • Non-Discrimination and Coverage Testing
      • Top-heavy Testing

Consulting Services

From time to time your plan may require services which fall outside of the scope of our normal plan administration and compliance services

  • Plan restructuring due to ownership changes, significant staff changes and changing company objectives
  • Plan mergers and terminations
  • Assist with IRS and DOL Voluntary Compliance Program filings
  • Review of Qualified Domestic Relation Orders
  • Assist with Voluntary Compliance programs

PlanPartner Services

PlanPartner is RSA’s enhanced plan service model focused on simplifying your role in the day to day administration of your retirement plan.

PlanPartner allows you and your staff to free itself of many of the complex and time-consuming tasks required to properly operate your retirement plan.

  • Coordination of plan contributions
  • Monitor participant eligibility and enrollment
  • Review and approve participant distributions
  • Track participant loan payments
  • Eliminate the need for you and your staff to spend time learning IRS and DOL requirements


The Path To Realizing Your Wealth Potential

Plan Design

RSA will work with you to design a retirement plan that meets your company’s objectives and satisfies IRS and DOL guidelines.

EconoMic Opportunity

RSA will assist you to gain a clear understanding of the economic benefit of a new or improved retirement plan for your business. Results from our assessment drive the Plan Design process.

Plan Setup

An RSA consultant will work with you to ensure your plan is designed to meet company’s needs and implementation goes smoothly.


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