Plan Design and Set Up

Our first role in working with your plan is to ensure the plan is designed to meet the company’s objectives and is in compliance with IRS and DOL requirements

  • Plan Design
    • Projection of employee and employer contributions
    • Preparation of plan documents and SPD
  • Plan Set Up
    •  Assist with vendor selection
    • Coordinate plan conversion

Plan Administration and Compliance Services

Each year we will assist you to make sure your plan remains in good standing with the IRS and DOL-

  • Administration Services
    • Allocation of employer contributions, as required
    • Calculate participant required minimum distributions, as required
    • Coordination of the data for plan auditors
    • Preparation of signature-ready IRS Form 5500 and SAR
  • Compliance Testing Services
    • Average Deferral Percentage and Average Contribution Tests
    • Deferral and Deduction Limits
    • Overall Discrimination and Coverage Testing
    • Top-heavy Testing

Consulting Services 

From time to time your plan may require services which fall outside of the scope of our normal plan administration and compliance services

  • Review of Qualified Domestic Relation Orders
  • IRS and DOL audit support
  • Plan restructuring due to mergers and acquisitions
  • Plan terminations

Fiduciary Administrative Services

RSA has recently expanded its services to offer employers the option of receiving more assistance with the day to day operation of their plans. These fiduciary administrative services include the following-

  • Monitor eligibility and entry dates
  • Coordinate collection of employee census data
  • Coordinate and review payroll processing
  • Review and approve termination and hardship distribution requests
  • Monitor and Report Deferral Suspension after Hardship
  • Review and approve rollover contributions
  • Maintain beneficiary information
  • Review and approve participant loan requests